Cool Down at Ubatuba Tropical Beaches – Brazil

Latitude / Longitude
-23.501082, -45.138554

Brazilian southeastern beaches are surrounded by a beautiful green mountain range, called Serra do Mar, quite low and no so high comparing to Andes, with an average altitude of 1000 meters.

When finishing directly at Atlantic ocean, those mountains create great landscapes that mix beautiful tropical beaches and green forests.

This chain crosses 5 brazilian states and the top known spot is the famous worldwide view of Rio de Janeiro.

Beautiful sites of those mountainous beaches locate at Sao Paulo state, whose region was originally occupied by indians.

Portuguese disastrous colonization started about XVI century and founded the city of Ubatuba (an indigenous name that means group of canoes) at coastal line.

Until 30 or 40 years ago, the city was mainly occupied by fishermen but nowadays represents a very known turistic destination due to its beautiful beaches and to its pleasant climate (except for the very hot summer). 80% of the city, as big as 710783 km2, are untouched green areas protected by a state park.

If you hike a while, only few hours, you can still find beautiful and quite deserted beaches which give to the visitor a very warm and pleasant sensation, besides great views.

Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio

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