Places I´ve been

Marcelo Ozorio at Canyonlands National Park - Utah - USA

Hi, my name is Marcelo Ozorio and I´m the editor of this website.

Bellow, a list of places I have registered since I started to photograp and film (from most recent to oldest at 1997).

This is natural for me as I´m a documentarist and film maker.

Those places are interesting to visit.

I usually photograph myself to prove I´ve been there, at almost all places I have done that…


In 2017, I decided to go to Myanmar, after seeing some photos of amazing Bagan. By the way, why not go to the nearby Cambodia? And, as I had to fly to Bangkok, why not see some temples in Bangkok ?

These are great places to visit and I concentrated on the temples of those countries…

A little before, I have crossed in a 5 days trekking the most beautiful national park in Brazil, Lencois Maranhenses, with all its white  and infinite dunes…

Thailand Flag





Cambodia Flag