The Astonishing Treasure at Petra – Jordan

Latitude / Longitude
30.329751, 35.444319


Petra is an ancient city located in Jordan, constructed by an extraordinary civilization with a great sense of aesthetics and design.

Petra is very famous worldwide with the facade named “The Treasure”, a very known monument erected to honor the Nabatean Kings.

Petra is a very large and extensive archaeological site with lots of remainings, you could stay a whole week if you want to see Petra in details.

Visitations lately may have been reduced because the syrian conflicts and the general turbulences at Middle East, but this old city, that existed between 400AC to 700 DC, will be always a very interesting place to visit.

You can stay in regular hotels, not expensive, easy to book and very close to the entrance. I paid U$ 60.00 for a 3 day visit in 2012.

The area contain a great amount of rose rock so this ancient city is also called the rose city.

Although the treasure is the most famous facade, my preference remains at a second one called “The Monastery”. You have to climb about one hour by an old and rocky trail to reach “The Monastery”. At the other side, at the top, you can see the Wadi Rum Desert.

If you have the chance, this is a place you won´t regret to visit. At any direction you go, you always see something interesting to explore. All the facades are merely stylized caves and you find tombs inside, many of them are open for visitation.

Marcelo Ozorio author book Jordan s Historical Treasures 2 - The Astonishing Treasure at Petra - Jordan
Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio


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