Giant Osorno Volcano – Los Lagos Region – Patagonia – Chile

Latitude / Longitude
-41.096350, -72.495492

I was luck to catch a ride with the owner of the ski station and this video shows few scenes of the ascent at the national park road, which leads to the base, where there are entrances and a coffee shop. You can also see scenes recorded from the only 2 chairlifts and a big descent from top till base, passing through the middle of a secondary crater. Recorded at 2006 and 2008 ski seasons.



Osorno is a beautiful pyramid shape and quite simmetrical volcano located at the chilean part of Patagonia. It is active and last eruption occurred at 1869.

There is a good but small and not crowded ski station running on its slopes. Also, people go to Osorno to hike the area or climb its summit on summer.

Osorno belongs to Vicente Perez Rosales National Park and is protected. Enter the park and go by car until you reach the ski resort to see great landscapes.

From Osorno, you can see the big Llanquihue Lake that bounds Puerto Varas and another neighbour volcano called Cabulco, which is also active (last eruption in 2015 and before that in 1972).

Osorno imposes its king presence all around at the nearby cities and can be seen from many points from miles aside.

This name, Osorno, is also adopted by a city nearby. Don´t confound yourself, it´s just a grey city with no attractions, boring. If you plan to go to Osorno Volcano, you have to reach the city of Puerto Varas and not the city of Osorno.

At Osorno Volcano, you can stay at Teski Refuge, very simple but appropriate for such a wild place. As always, at big mountains, weather is so unpredictable. Last time I have been there, I arrived in a beautiful blue sky open day. Next morning, after a great day of snowboard, I woke up with a strong  wind and snow storm that caught me by surprise. I was stucked at the refuge for hours. I was able to get down the volcano because I was luck to have a ride from the park rangers who permitted me to get down with my backpack and snowboard gears at the back of their truck.

This frozen anda arctic scenery which suddenly caught me even raise up my admiration for this unique place for its such enormous force.

Osorno is a unforgettable personage who remains vivid in the mind for everybody who has the opportunity of meeting this giant of Nature.


Have an idea of the area covered by the ski resort.
Have an idea of the area covered by the ski resort.


Marcelo Ozorio at first chair lift at Osorno Volcanoe Ski Resort
Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio


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