Madaba, Mosaics of the Biblical Era

Located in a region close to Amman, Madaba is known as the city of the mosaics. The mosaic is an ancient art which dates to Mesopotamia. At Madaba, it consists of puzzle tablets forming images commonly organized horizontally on the churches’ floors.

It’s inhabited since 4500 B.C., in other words since pre-historical times, which basically makes this city a land deep in so much saint history. Just to have an idea, it was one of the cities divided between the twelve tribes of Israel in the time of the exodus. You know what that is? Just like me, probably not, but one thing we know for sure: this is all very remote! Biblical quotes, Israelite kings, Nabataean Period, annexation by Rome, Byzantine Christian Empire, the beginning of the Christian Age, Jerusalem, map of the Holy Land, Promised Land, Moses, Mount Nebo and so many other terms make Madaba an endless mosaic complex of ancient history.

The city today is well organized to receive visitors from the whole world. It has many churches with well preserved mosaics and a restoration and conservation service through worldwide effort, which permits the visitor to dive in this unfathomable biblical atmosphere.

Madaba is an interesting and curious destination.

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