Karak Castle from Crusades Times – King’s Highway – Karak – Jordan


Latitude / Longitude
31.181231, 35.701683

Interesting Military and Medieval Castle

Located at famous King´s Highway in Jordan, karak Castle is a medieval building from Crusades times constructed for the enforcement of Christianity in the East.

This crusader castle has an amazing light. It is a labyrinth inside, very misterious and cavernous but, suddenly, you have little windows in geometrical shapes spreading the sunlight on the shadows.

It looks not that big from outside but it is a huge construction from middle age.

Writing about Karak is too complicated because human evolution is intermittent.

In religions, everything thickens in the frantic passions and beliefs, making man lose his reason and dive into bestiality.

A military construction in essence, Karak is a medieval castle present in the complex history of the enforcement of Christianity in the East. It remained in the hands of crusaders for little time, who lashed out since Europe to make war and reclaim the Holy Land. Which was nothing like Jesus teachings! What remained as legacy is its beautiful architecture. The place’s plasticity is impressive.

Forget the Holy Land, come witness the beauty of the sun light! Nothing could be more holy than this…


Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio

You can also read more about Karak Castle at Wikipedia.

WARNING: You probably shouldn´t visit this castle in Jordan the next few years or until the problem finishes… now it is a mess due to the Syria conflict and terrorist attacks. Some governments has recently released travel alerts. See this link for more details:


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