Worldwide Known Cerro Catedral at San Carlos de Bariloche – Argentina

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Latitude / Longitude
-41.183211, -71.450630


Cerro Catedral is a moutain range that shelters a ski station with same name, located on Nahuel Huapi National Park and distant only 12 miles from city center of San Carlos de Bariloche.

The name Catedral (cathedral in spanish) comes from sharpening rocky formations that populate the south part of the moutain, whose conic shapes remember cathedrals.

Cerro Catedral is the biggest south america ski station and one of the most antiques, whose construction was initiated in 1936. The winter station is internationally known by argentinians, chileans, brazilians, americans and europeans. Skiers and snowboarders from all around are attracted to Bariloche due to its fame.

The city is surrounded by the Andean mountains and washed by the lake Nahuel Huapi. It´s a pitoresque city, with many restaurants and good night life.

Line buses and other transport media leave the town to the ski station hourly. Thus, it´s easy to go to Cerro Catedral.
The snow is not always of the best quality given the proximity to the lake. Views from the highest mountains are terrific. Weather is unpredictable and mutant.

There are lots of pistes for all levels. The ski stations tends to be full of tourists, including those who doesn´t practice the winter sport.

To visit Cerro Catedral in low seasin is better than high ones, as queues to lifts are long.

Visiting Cerro Catedral in low season is better because queues to lifts are long in high seasons.

It´s good experience to be in Bariloche, specially if you are lucky to get a good season with good weather and good snow.

San Carlos de Bariloche belongs to Rio Negro State and is part of argentinian Patagonia.

Neighboring stations:
To north: Cerro Bayo
To South: La Hoya
To Southeast: Osorno

Base Height: 1030 m
Top Height: 2388 m
Highest track height: 2100 m
Difference: 1070 m
Ski area: 600 ha
Longest ski length: 9 km

Official link of the ski resort:

cerro catedral bariloche argentina 35 1024x771 - Worldwide Known Cerro Catedral at San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina

Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio

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