Crazy Lights at Antelope Canyon – Page – Arizona

Latitude / Longitude
36.903360, -111.413229

Light goes crazy inside Antelope Canyon.

There are so many curves and surfaces to reach and reflect that light derivates in randomic waves forming beautiful shades of shadows and diverges in a variety of colors.

Antelope Canyon has a special uniqueness.

This known destiny for many I would say is more appropriate to photographers. I don´t mean tourists with cameras or cel phones, those are abundant and can enjoy the place as well, but photographers can delight themselves.

Photos turn out to be more beautiful than the real place.

The experience of passing through this canyon is quite good but not spectacular as so many other special places like Death Valley or Grande Canyon.

This is a quite rapid and crowded walking.

Colors of canyon walls tend to be monochromatic at naked eyes. On the contrary, once you have treat your digital photos, colors tend to absolutely jump out of the dullness of the canyon and become so vivid and intense, almost abstract, reaveling pure colors, pure shapes and there is no need anymore to comprehend the place itself.

On my photos, on few of them, i have left some spacial sense, just for you to have an idea of how the real place is.

Summarizing, the beauty of this rare canyon, formed as a caprice of nature, can easily be admired at your screen rather than visited. Appreciation of the abstractions produced may be more fun than the canyon itself.

marcelo ozorio antelope canyon08 - Crazy Lights at Antelope Canyon - Page - Arizona

Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio

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saturno icone1 - Crazy Lights at Antelope Canyon - Page - Arizona

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