Amazing Sandamuni Pagoda – Mandalay – Myanmar

“Teachings of the Buddha consisting of commentaries and sub commentaries inscribed on 1774 marble slabs erected by Ukhan TI the Ermit
in A.D 1313″

This is an inscription found on a scoreboard of the entrance of Sandamuni Pagoda, an old pagoda from XIV century.

It is a fantastic place, with all these marble boards containing teachings of the Buddha.

Each board is housed within its own sanctuary, all being equal and arranged geometrically.

Intriguing, labyrinthine, special and mysterious. A rather unique place. And that continues in the nearby Kuthodaw Pagoda.

At the central point of the complex, you meet this gorgeous solid iron Buddha, which is known as the Buddha that shines as the moon.

Mandalay is a very interesting and nice old city.



Photos, video and text by Marcelo Ozorio

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